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Loan Periods & Fines

Borrowing Limits, Loan Periods, and Fines

How many items can I borrow?

  • In town: 25 per household
  • Southside: 40 per household
  • Temporary Card: 5 items
  • 4 DVD’s per household

How long can I have them?

  • Books, including interlibrary loans: 4 weeks
  • DVD’s & CD’s: 2 weeks
  • Magazines: 2 weeks
  • Newspapers: in-library use only

Can I renew items?

  • Unless there is someone else who is waiting for the item and has placed a hold on it, most items can be renewed up to 2 times

How many holds can I place?

  • There is no limit on holds at this time

How much are overdue fines if I return items past the due date?

  • Adult books & magazines: .20/day (max $5/item)
  • Children & Teen books & magazines: .20/day (max $5/item)
  • All DVDs and other Media: .20/day (max $10/item)
  • Lost/Damaged Items: replacement cost + $5 processing fee
  • Library cards with $10+ fines will be suspended until fines are paid