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Restoration of Library Services Phased Plan

Post Covid-19 Pandemic




Burns Lake Public Library closed its doors to the public on March 18, 2020 in order to protect our patrons, volunteers and staff, and to help flatten the curve. We continued to provide services to our patrons through electronic materials, assistance via email and telephone, and offering Curbside Service.


This plan to restore library services towards the new normal is a phased approach allowing for flexibility and scaling to meet changing direction from health authorities as the Covid-19 situation evolves. It considers the risk to vulnerable populations, public health protocols, guidelines from WorkSafe BC, and library budget and resource limitations.


The plan is designed to provide maximum benefit to library patrons, while providing safety and security for staff, volunteers and patrons.

Each phase adds onto the actions of the previous phase. As the phases progress some initial services may be suspended such as takeout service.


Phase Plan Chart


Document “A”

Burns Lake Public Library

Procedures Policy during COVID-19 pandemic.


As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, Burns Lake Public Library wants to reassure the public that the health and safety of our patrons and staff are of primary concern. We know that reading can bring comfort in uncertain times, and our team is committed to maintaining the availability of books, audiobooks, DVD’s, CD’s, and puzzle exchange options.


The full-time staff continue to work in the building with enhanced health and safety procedures, and keeping the recommended social distance. We continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidelines of public health officials.

We recognize how important clear and transparent information is, so we are posting regular updates on our social media to inform the public about COVID-19 related protocols and procedures.


As of March 24, 2020, library staff has implemented the Curb-Side Service to the public.


Curb-Side Service Procedure:


  • Patron requests items (books, DVD’s, video games and puzzles) via phone, online, email or Facebook message
  • Staff gathers requests, checks them out to patrons and package in new brown paper bags
  • Staff calls patron to confirm pick up day or Southside drop and informs patron of procedure for pick up
  • Patron will then call if they have a cell phone or knock on the door to let us know when they arrive
  • Staff member takes package out and sets on the table outside the library front door. Table is placed there specifically for this purpose. Staff member then washes their hands immediately on returning inside.
  • Once staff member is inside and door is closed, patron will approach and remove package from table placed outside only for this purpose. Table is sanitized after every patron’s use.
  • In case there is more than one patron in the parking lot, they are encouraged to approach one at a time while still maintaining social distance

There is absolutely no physical contact with patron.



Returned Items Protocol:


  • All items returned must go into drop box
  • Staff does not accept items personally from patrons
  • Staff must wipe down the circulation desk, computer area, and selected table for that day in the quarantine room with bleach solution made from CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendation. Staff must wash their hands at the end of this procedure.
  • Once a day staff empties the drop box. Fresh gloves are used while emptying drop box and items are place on a specially designated table. Gloves are then disposed of.
  • Items are put in the quarantine room on assigned table for up to 7 days (each day has a separate table)
  • After the quarantine period, all items are sanitized and wiped down with bleach solution, then re-shelved.



There is only one person at the circulation desk at a time. Re-shelving is done according to category, away from other staff members.