Homework & Research Help for Teens

Homework Tips

There are loads of resources to help you with your homework. Library databases have lots of useful information that’s not necessarily available through Google. Plus, you know you can trust this information. Many websites can also help you with your homework, but make sure you’re safe while surfing the Internet, that the websites you find are from reliable sources, and learn how to cite those sources.

Library Databases

The “databases” here have lots of information not typically available through the Internet. You’ll need your library card to log into some of them.

World Book Encyclopedia – All of these products are available for your use:

  Explora Canada – Information for students of all ages on a wide variety of topics, from history and current events to science and technology. Search a variety of sources such as magazines, encyclopedias, primary source documents and more.
Khan Academy – “Learn almost anything for free.”
3300 videos explain many subjects.
LearnNowBC is a single point of entry to distributed learning in British Columbia through the use of Edmark Learning Software.
Teen Nerd Nite – Our mission at Teen Nerd Nite (TNN) is to provide exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) opportunities, resources, and programs for high-school teens outside their standard education. TNN is based in North Vancouver, but all 2020/2021 virtual initiatives are available to students across BC.

  • Mentoring 101: A 4-week program connecting students across BC with a STEM mentor via an email conversation with weekly prompts. Applications are required.
  • STEM Career Videos: A collection of short videos recorded by STEM experts discussing their journey, education and career available on TNN’s YouTube channel.
  • Scholarship Resources: Find the perfect scholarships for you, get tips on applying, and find out how to get all the extra curricular skills you’ll need to be a successful candidate.
  • Financial Literacy: Brand new free courses and useful information on financial literacy for teens before and after graduation.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Learn about starting a Teen Nerd Nite club at your school and other available volunteering opportunities.
  • Prize Draw: Complete two easy tasks for the chance to win some awesome prizes!


Can You Trust That Website?

Internet Safety

Citing Sources: Writing a Bibliography

Looking for more information?

Check our Teens page for more information on library programs for teens and other websites to help support teens as they grow up.