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Updated 2016/09/13



This year’s Craft Fair is scheduled for Saturday, November 26th. The hours of the fair will be 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The venue will be the Lakes District Secondary School located at 685 Hwy 16, Burns Lake.



  1. An assigned eight foot space and two chairs or one eight foot table and two chairs per rental fee of $40.00. If you would like a space on the wall, it is $5.00 extra. This space will be strictly enforced so plan your display wisely!  If you book more than one table and do not use the table or cancel within 10 days of the sale NO REFUND will be given
  1. Tables will be set up and organized in a layout determined by the amount of tables rented.
  1. Set-up time: Friday, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday, 7:30 am to 9:00 am. NOTE: The doors will open to seniors only @ 9:00 am, the general public @ 9:30 am on Saturday.
  1. Doors to the gym will be closed and locked Friday evening. NOTE: Articles left overnight are done so at your own risk.
  1. Doors to the gym will be opened at the appointed time of opening.
  1. $40.00 award to the winner of the best decorated table (judges will be randomly chosen from customers who shop at the fair).
  1. No refunds will be given after November 16th.
  1. MOST IMPORTANTLYA quality craft fair with only HANDCRAFTED items!

We will be asking for a donation of a small item from your table (this is greatly appreciated, but not mandatory) to fill our very popular gift baskets, which we use as door prizes during the fair, the proceeds going to the Burns Lake Public Library, sponsors of the craft fair.

Of course, even though we advertise, the main source of promotion is shoppers who spread the word and help bring in the 1,000+ people through the doors during open hours. The best way we have of ensuring a quality fair is to keep it exactly as we all promote it – HANDCRAFTED!!

By working together we can have a wonderful fair that is one of the biggest and best sales exhibits in the Central Interior!

If you have any questions, please call Sashka @ the Burns Lake Public Library at 250-692-3192 or email



  1. An application filled out with honest descriptions of goods to be sold. Payment must be included with application.
  1. A tablecloth on your table with an attractive display of your sale items.
  1. Handcrafted items only – i.e. No foods will be allowed to be sold except for candy and condiments; these foods MUST be presented in a SEALED basket, mug, etc., that will not be opened on the floor. No vitamins, floor cleaners, etc. – no items brought in purchased for the direct purpose of resale. If you bring any of these items, you will be asked to leave immediately. You will not be given a refund and you risk being dismissed from any subsequent craft fairs.
  1. All handcrafted items on your table must be handcrafted BY YOU. You may not purchase handcrafted items by others for resale on your table. An exhibitor may not pay or employ another individual to create the items for sale on their table nor may a crafter pay or employ another person to man their table.  This craft fair is exclusively for the individual handcrafter to have a quality venue to exhibit their items
  1. Non-profit organizations may rent a table for the purpose of selling items made by volunteers for raising funds for their organization. The fee is $80 for the first table and $40 for each additional table, ($5 extra for wall space)  Wall space will be provided at a lower priority than individual crafters.  Definition of non-profit for these purposes are registered non-profit or charities only and must be located in the Lakes District.

Please do not apply if you offer services.  Services offered, of any sort, do not fit within the parameters of what this craft fair considers HANDCRAFTED.  Lessons, be they crochet, baking, crafts, music, etc., are not considered handcrafted for the purpose of this fair.  Printed books and CD’s of any sort are discouraged and will be given low priority for table space, available on a last minute basis only and even under those terms, the author or musician must reside within the Lakes District.

  1. Open flames are not permitted at the tables.  No means of warming (i.e. crockpot or microwave) may be used for samples or demonstration. Plug-ins are for decorative lighting only.  Plug-ins are located on wall spaces only. First come, first serve.
  1. Remove all garbage from the building – ie. Bags, boxes, litter, etc. (Think of the empty boxes as being your reward for a successful sale!) Crafters who do not remove their litter may be given a lower priority for table space at future craft fairs.
  1. Park in the assigned parking area. NOT IN THE PARKING LOT IMMEDIATELY BEHIND THE SCHOOL. You may park in this area ONLY to unload your items for set up in the high school, but then you MUST MOVE YOUR CAR to another area i.e. the old high school parking lot.
  1. Please remain until the fair has officially closed. DO NOT LEAVE EARLY. This will constitute grounds for being dismissed from future craft fairs put on by the library. Ensure that you have enough items to sell for an entire day.
  1. If you have special requirements, please note this on your application form. DO NOT INFORM CO-ORDINATOR AT THE LAST MINUTE!
  1. IF YOU DO NOT REQUIRE a table, let us know ON YOUR APPLICATION. Do not let us know as you arrive to set up!